Mapping geomagnetic field using Swarm satellite measurements

This application provides online geomagnetic monitoring using direct measurements, which are continuously transmitted from the Swarm satellite constellation.

The magnetic data are collected for the period of 10 days from the three satellites, transformed into GIS raster layers and plotted online with the time shift of 1 day. The Swarm daily data are transmitted to the Center with the 3-day delay. Each data set represents an axial magnetic component (X, Y or Z) or total intensity (F) and comprises 86400 (1-second values per day) * 10 (days) * 3 (satellites) measurements. Thus the geographical distribution of the values is the union of the positions of the three satellites where the measurements were taken during 10 days.

The raster grid resolution is taken as 2048х1024 pixels. The values inside of a particular raster cell are averaged and assigned to the cell. After GIS layer is generated it is plotted above the previously generated set.

The mask of data layer name is YYYYMMDD1-YYYYMMDD2_@.tif, where YYYYMMDD1-YYYYMMDD2 is time interval for which data were collected, @ is the measured value (X, Y or Z component or F total intensity).

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